Monday, December 21, 2009

Snow Day

Juggling was the theme of the afternoon yesterday. We had laid out three juggling sacks on the table to use as a discussion point and interest my brother. He, of course, was intrigued by the juggling sacks, which we said belonged to my grandmother. He proceeded to attempt to juggle in front of us. He was unsuccessful and his fiancee gave it a try. She too was unsuccessful at the task. Acting as though I have never juggled before, I too stepped up to to attempt the task. After struggling with the task for about three tries, I then went into serious juggling mode and completely surprised by brother and his fiancee. His face was absolutely priceless. Needless to say, he spent the rest of the afternoon trying to master the art of juggling with helpful tips from me.
My mother made these gorgeous orange sweet potato fries, with rosemary, salt and oil. They were not only delicious but also great to photograph. I think food photographs can be really great so I decided to take a stab at photographing these fries fresh out of the oven.

We were hit with 6" of snow on saturday, which is the day we were expected to drive to PA from NC. We decided to leave a day early and were lucky we did.

This bouquet was a gift to myself after completing this past semester. The bouquet contains white daisies, white carnations and one other white flower for which the name is unknown. I love white flowers at christmas time. They remind me of snow.

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  1. stepppphie!
    1. i see you're still in your pink/purple everything stage! love it!
    2. love the flowers! yayayayyyyy to finishing your first semester at grad school!
    3. love the blog!